Homeschooling Meets Entrepreneurship!

I’m new to blogging. I’m also new to business and to homeschooling.  It occurred to me as I started creating content for this blog that I needed focus and clarity.  I needed to communicate my elevator pitch.  So, here goes... First.  I will share my journey as I replace the income from my job with income … Continue reading Homeschooling Meets Entrepreneurship!

Learn To Draw with Youtube

My two oldest, Jack (5) and Kaylee (6), love YouTube! They watch a lot of different content, some of it educational (whether they realize it or not!) and some of it is pure entertainment. Needless to say, anytime we can steer them toward an educational video that will hold their attention, we’re happy. However, sometimes … Continue reading Learn To Draw with Youtube

HomeSchooling Goals

If you’re homeschooling, you NEED goals! Most people would never attempt to navigate a major journey without a road map or GPS. Yet most people don’t intuitively recognize the importance of having such a “road map” for their daily lives. And even if they do recognize its importance, they likely don’t follow through on goal … Continue reading HomeSchooling Goals

7 Ways To Influence Your Kids’ Behavior

Our version of Homeschooling, which is probably better described as Unschooling, is about more than just teaching our kids reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Unschooling is a life journey we are taking because we care about the education our children receive and we know we can do a better job than any traditional school.  Unschool parents take a more … Continue reading 7 Ways To Influence Your Kids’ Behavior

HomeSchooling, what’s the point?

What IS the point?  What's the point of school?  Why do we (society in general) send our kids off to an institution of learning for the better part of five days a week for thirteen years of their childhood?  I think the answers to these questions are central to understanding a parents purpose in home schooling. … Continue reading HomeSchooling, what’s the point?

Our Decision to Home School

We had just bought our first home in the SDSU college area of San Diego two years earlier.  The home had barely been updated since they built it in the 60’s, but it was about what we could "afford" in So Cal.  We made pretty good money, but in true California style, we were now … Continue reading Our Decision to Home School