Learn To Draw with Youtube

My two oldest, Jack (5) and Kaylee (6), love YouTube! They watch a lot of different content, some of it educational (whether they realize it or not!) and some of it is pure entertainment. Needless to say, anytime we can steer them toward an educational video that will hold their attention, we’re happy. However, sometimes they stumble upon these all by themselves!

Just a few weeks ago, they discovered an educational activity that they just can’t get enough of! They came across the Youtube Channel Draw So Cute, which is a channel created by an artist named Wennie, who loves to “draw and craft cute things”!  Wennie invites viewers of her channel to “Have fun learning How To Draw and DIY anything and everything CUTE with step by step, easy to follow videos.” She also has a website http://www.drawsocute.com/.

My kids literally spent 6 hours straight learning to draw various cartoons, animals, characters, you name it.  They took only momentary breaks to take bites of their grilled cheese, which mom delivered right to their “art studio”. They were both so focused we couldn’t believe it. And they both did really well, we were surprised by the quality of their drawings! They definitely learned some things! They have asked repeatedly since to use their kindles to learn to draw more things. This activity may stand the test of time as they have both been very interested in this and other art projects ever since their first drawing marathon.

I’m sure there are many more youtube channels that provide comparable instruction, however, Draw So Cute just happens to be the channel they stumbled upon. And they keep returning to that channel specifically, so it’s definitely a good one. I know my son watches a bunch of different ones because he searches specifically for how to draw Pokemon, whereas Kaylee tends to stick with Draw So Cute and only really strays when she sees something she likes in the youtube recommended related videos.

I don’t understand the apprehension about homeschooling nowadays, there are educational resources EVERYWHERE for just about EVERYTHING!!!  Kids can learn more on their own with a little guidance today than they will ever learn in a classroom with 20+ other distractions…I mean kids.

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